Heart Over Heels was created to encourage women that we are all beautiful in God's eyes. Think about that for a minute. The Creator of the universe - The One who created all of the beauty we see in the world - desired for you to exist, created you in His image and loves you endlessly just the way you are.  If that doesn't make you feel beautiful and special then I don't know what will! We were created to be in fellowship with our Creator. When we value that relationship then beauty, intelligence, and talents become gifts to be used for God's glory.

Society has given us a very narrow view of beauty and has ultimately distorted the way we see ourselves and each other. The world puts so much emphasis on outer beauty that sometimes we forget to pay attention to the type of values we are holding in our heart.  Each one of us is an amazing example of God’s handiwork, so it’s important that we pay attention to our hearts and not settle to reflect anything less than His standards and values. It’s OK to want to look good on the outside, but let’s not forget about our  inner beauty. Physical beauty fades over time, but true beauty - which is virtue - is timeless.

Becoming A Virtuous Woman

Being a woman of virtue doesn't mean being dull, naive or unappealing. It certainly doesn't mean we should neglect our outer beauty. What it does mean is that we choose to be living examples of  Christ in how we speak, how we act and how we dress. Standing uncompromisingly for His standards and values. In a sense, we are to be supermodels for Christ!

All too often, we find that our self image gets consumed by who our friends are, the kind of work that we do or by what we have.  And, we find ourselves further away than we would like to be from the image of Christ. When it all comes down to it, our inner beauty is a reflection of Christ in us. And, each day we should strive to look more and more like Him.  That way, when friends let us down, or we lose our job, or our circumstances change, then our self-image and self-esteem remain intact because our image of who we are was never based on those things in the first place. Our security comes from knowing that we were created by Christ to be loved by Christ and to show Him and others Christ-like love.

Once we understand our purpose and it then becomes our passion, we can pursue our calling as virtuous women. True beauty starts at the heart.

Balancing Beauty

There seems to be a great disconnect between our heart and our body when it comes to beauty. The goal here is to find and maintain that balance between inner and outer beauty. When we as women understand that God's definition of beauty is a humble heart devoted to Christ then that motivates our attitude toward our appearance. Humility is the right attitude toward greatness, modesty is the right attitude toward a woman's body...which is greatness.

When it comes to physical beauty it is less about rules and more about the intent of the heart. We should examine our motives and goals for how we dress. Are we dressing to flaunt our beauty or to reveal a humble heart devoted to Christ? Are we dressing to impress others or are we dressing to honor God?

One of the goals of Heart Over Heels is to encourage a healthy appreciation for beauty by placing an emphasis on the heart while also enjoying the fashion side of it. I want to offer faith-based knowledge on issues that affect the heart as well as share style ideas, product reviews and all those beauty-related things that make being a woman fun! :) Like most things, beauty is all about balance. And the goal here is to bring about that balance.

— Leah Delcamp, Founder
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