Friday, July 1, 2011

20 Simple Style Secrets

1.  Understand your body type and the best styles for your shape. Dressing for your body type is key. What body shape are you? Find out HERE.

2.  If you are wearing skinny jeans or leggings on bottom wear a baggy flowy top.  If you are wearing bigger boyfriend jeans or wide legs, stick to something more tailored on top.

3.  Try synching in oversized tops or blouses with a waist belt or throw a fitted jacket over the top to accentuate your waist and give a more slimming effect.

4. Understand the colors that suit you best. Some people look best in cool, blue-based colors, some people look best in warm, yellow based-colors, others can wear some of each. Not sure which colors best suit you? Check out this more in depth Seasonal Color Chart.

 If you are going to do a pop of color, don't do it with every accessory you are wearing.  For example: If you have a black dress...don't wear yellow heels, a yellow purse, yellow bracelets etc. 

 If you are having trouble accessorizing an outfit decide if its black based or brown based!  Choose either black or brown shoes and purse... then accessorize from there!  Browns tend to go great with golds, and blacks go great with silver (but don't limit yourself.)

7.  Bright colors bring attention to an area.  Place them carefully on the body to extenuate your features.

V-necks will lengthen the neck and give the illusion of a longer leaner body. But make sure it isn't too low cut.

Dark denim also gives the long lean effect...and can make an outfit appear more dressy.

10.  If you want to make yourself look taller and slimmer, try vertical stripes...stay away from horizontal stripes.

If you want to combine brown and black together into an outfit easily... pick a piece that has both colors in it. (A scarf for example)

Wide sleeved tank tops are actually more slimming and flattering. Avoid thin straps.

13.  Do a sit and reach test to determine if your outfit is modest. If you sit down and your skirt reveals the majority of your's too short. If you reach your arms up and your stomach shows...your shirt is too short. If you bend down and you can see down your top you should wear a more close fitting undershirt or cami that will be less revealing.

14.  Nude heels make your legs look long and can be paired with just about any color outfit.

15.  Dress age appropriate. Dressing too young for your age can actually make you appear much older.

16.  Earrings are a great way to frame your face...especially when you wear your hair pulled back.

17.  Always layer sheer tops and wear a slip underneath skirts and dresses to prevent revealing undergarments.

18. Never compromise on fit. If an item can't be altered or you're not prepared to spend the money on an alteration, don't buy it.

19. One statement piece of jewelry can completely transform the simplest outfit!  Incorporate long necklaces, big intricate bracelets, and funky earrings.

20. Dress to honor your Creator. This is the most important item on the list. Be mindful of what you are putting on your body. Our bodies are holy sanctuaries and should be treated as such.

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