Friday, December 9, 2011

Heart To Heart: Live 31

"I would rather have a Proverbs 31 Woman than a Victoria's Secret Model."

This is a movement started by one young man declaring that he would rather be with a woman who lives for God and loves the Lord than a woman who lives for society's approval and who loves the superficial. He's not the only one. There are other Godly men out there who are also seeking to love and encourage women of faith and virtue. Because they know the truth, which is that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a righteous heart who puts Christ first.

For those women who wish to be a Proverbs 31 model - one who models the character of faithfulness and virtue - here are seven principles that will help guide you on your walk.

Ladies, don't let society and the things of this world influence you or trigger insecurities that will lead to you lowering your standards to less than God's best. Instead, strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman, a woman who is loved, admired and praised for her HEART. A woman who is truly beautiful in God's sight and in the sight of good, God-seeking men. Physical beauty fades over time, but true beauty - which is virtue - is timeless.

Guys, be someone a Proverbs 31 woman would want to serve, love and respect so that she can be set free to live it out! You have more power to inspire us than you realize. Don't just look for us, help us to get there! In living by God's standards you will empower us to do the same.

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