Friday, January 27, 2012

Heart to Heart: Self Worth & Social Pressures

Women are being fed a very toxic script from society and from the media about who they are "supposed" to be. Women of all ages are ingesting the idea that they are only as valuable as they are sexually desirable. There is prime importance placed on our sexuality so it is no surprise that girls and women are acting out in sexual ways in order to attract attention and to validate their self worth. Whether it's dressing in "sexy" clothing or becoming sexually involved with guys outside of marriage.

This script about worth based on our sexuality really limits what it means to be a woman and to be a human being. It compartmentalizes females as just a collection of body parts and nothing more. But the truth is women are SO much MORE than that. Our value doesn't come from how sexually desirable or attractive we are. Our worth comes from the fact that we are unique, one-of-a-kind individuals created with great potential and purpose and who have been designed and are desired by our Creator.

We no longer have to seek approval, or attention from people because the knowledge that God loves us because of our intrinsic value and not our external attributes frees us from that need of social acceptance. The One who matters most (Jesus Christ), believes that WE (you and I) matter most, so the opinion of others (society, boyfriends, etc.) matters not. Once we understand that and accept that as truth then we can begin to free ourselves from social pressures.

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